Other Ways to Check WordPress Version

Identifying the WordPress version of a site is crucial for various purposes, such as safety assessments and compatibility tests. While there are tools that can simplify this task, understanding the manual ways is also beneficial.

1. Through the WordPress Dashboard

If you have the ability to access the WordPress dashboard, this is the easiest method:

2. Checking the README.html File

WordPress provides a README.html file that typically mentions the version:

3. Inspecting Version in Source Code

WordPress sites often incorporate meta tags in their source code which show the version:

4. Utilizing WP-CLI

If you have command-line access to a WordPress setup, you can employ WP-CLI (WordPress Command Line Interface):

5. Reviewing the Stylesheet Headers

The standard WordPress themes often include the version in their stylesheet headers:

To gain a deeper understanding of WordPress versions and why they matter, contemplate visiting this official guide on WordPress versions.